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Name:Rasler Heios Nabradia
Birthdate:Feb 2


Rasler was born in 686 O.V. and is the second prince of the royal family of Nabradia. He was raised in the palace and educated in politics, the art of warfare, and various other subjects. In hopes of promoting their countries alliance, against the Archadian empire, his parents arranged for him to marry princess Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca.
In the manga, he met his bride-to-be for the first time in many years, initially refusing to marry her without explanation. Later he sent his most trusted general to spy on the Rozzarian supporting faction, who planned to kill King Raminas, Ashe's father. Ashe spied on them both and misinterpreted his actions, thinking that he was also connected to the plot. She was nearly caught spying on the rebel faction, but Rasler pulled her into hiding. The floor beneath them collapsed, into the Garamscythe Waterway below. He flipped around and protected her from the hard landing. Rasler then explained the political reality of the situation, that his homeland was torn between the Rozzarian faction, and those who wish to ally with Dalmasca. The Rozzarian supporters were against his and Ashe's marriage, and the alliance it would create saying that it would not prevent Archadia from invading their countries. The other faction wanted the two nations of Dalmasca and Nabradia to form an alliance and stand together without the help from any of the empires. Ashe then tended to the wounds he received, and the two made it out of the waterway. Back in the palace they found the leaders of the Rozzarian faction attempting to murder Ashe's father. Rasler then comforts Ashe as she realizes that one of her closest servants is the conspiracy leader, and the two fight the leader and her companions, side by side. They were overwhelmed by amount of people involved in the fight, but luckily the palace guards came in and foiled the plot, arresting the conspirators and revealing that it was plot to arrest them. Rasler then told Ashe of his role in the plan, and apologizes for not telling her the truth. He also teased her for taking everything too far, and then professes his love for her.

Rasler and Ashe married a short time later. Their marriage could be described as happy as they fell in love, and truly cared for each other despite it being arranged. After a week of marital bliss, he received news that his homeland had been completely annihilated Archadian army who were now poised to invade Dalmasca. Rasler then rallied the Dalmascan troops, giving an impassioned speech, angered by the loss of his homeland. He then promised Ashe that he would return to her, before leaving for war. He left to secure Nalbina fortress with Captain Basch. He fought valiantly, leading the outnumbered and outmatched Dalmascan troops against the might of the Archadian army. He used his military expertise to gain the upper hand, in battle but the tide of battle turned, and the army would need to retreat. In an attempt to prevent his army from retreating, the Archadian army sent their high ranking commanders to distract them. Using his pride and rashness against him, they managed to distract him long enough to get to the paling protecting the fortress, leaving it vulnerable. He pressed on despite Basch's advice to withdraw into safety. Then a perfectly placed shot from an Archadian archer pierced him in the gap of unprotected neck


Not much is known about Rasler’s background, but his actions speak for themselves. Like many royals Rasler believes in fulfilling his various duties as prince and maintaining honor, he seeks peace and prosperity but knows that there are times when one must fight. Which are shown by his willingness to marry Ashe, despite being secretive about his intentions at first, and go off to war to protect his people. He will do what is necessary to avoid an all-out war, or endangering others, even if it means being secretive and misleading them for their own safety. He also works for the best interest of others, even if it has a personal cost to him, to the point that he will take a blow for someone else and receive the injury instead. Despite being a military commander, he is still young and will occasionally make rash decisions without much thought towards the possible outcomes, such as his refusal to withdraw from Nalbina, despite the losses, and advice given by more experienced commanders. Rasler is also strong willed and tenacious, especially when it comes to protecting his people. When needed to protect others he is willing to manipulate the situation and put himself in danger if it means that others will be kept safe. When he gets impassioned and emotionally involved with a situation, he loses his usual calm, rational demeanor, like when he first received news of Nabradia’s fall. Despite the direness of his situation he tries to stay positive about it, and only thinks about meeting his goal and not the possibility of failure. As someone who will lead in the future, he always tries his best to take control of situation so that it falls into his favor. He admires other people’s strengths, and is fiercely loyal to both Nabradia and Dalmasca.

Despite the circumstances of their marriage, Rasler treasures Ashe as a person and loves her. The bond that they share motivates him to return home once the war is over and also motivates his wife to follow and take the advice of his apparition after he passed away. He’s rather quiet and polite, and if it were not for his status as a prince would probably not get much attention from others. Being rather young and sheltered he occasionally gets flustered especially with Ashe. At times he tires of the roles he and his wife must play as royals, but pushes though with the encouragement of his wife. Other times when he seems to be the calm and rational one as compared to Ashe, usually this is when he has everything planned out and under control. When his wife is upset or nervous he is the one who calms her down, or cheers her up by making light of the situation. Usually he presents himself with a calm and confident demeanor, which slips when he is with those who he is close too, or when the situation involves him emotionally. He is quite sociable, and friendly, warming up to people rather quickly. He is not afraid to show emotions or affection to Ashe and those he is close with. He values strength, bravery, and family.

At times he can be quick to anger, and may carry a bit of a grudge if the offence is grave enough to warrant, which he ruminates upon and clouds his judgment and thinking. But with the help of others, and a reminder of what is truly important he can be calmed. And yet despite this he does not take revenge, or force judgment upon others, instead he fights for those who may or cannot fight for themselves, and to protect the peace and stability of both Dalmasca and Nabradia. Rasler upholds not only his honor, but that of his family and his homeland’s, and he would to great lengths to uphold it. No can matter how dire the situation is he always remains hopeful and positive, knowing that the flow of events can change for the better. While he is not seen interacting much with his men, we are shown that he is effective leader, and he takes the advice given to him other military officials to make his own decisions. With all these characteristics it was implied that he would make an excellent leader, had he survived the battle at Nalbina fortress. He presents himself to others as a confident, and competent leader-in-training, who will do anything to assure the safety of those he cares about. Rasler also knows the importance of keeping up appearances for the sake of political stability, even though at times he can tire of it. Overall his actions reflect his thoughts and feelings.

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